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Kids in Art Class

Our Programs

Partnering with local school districts to water and advance youth, ensuring the foundation of their academic and health success is served with intention and care. Out-of-school time programs to include:


Before Care | Aftercare | Enrichment Workshops | Saturday Success

See our Enrichment Workshop options below.

School Kids

Afterschool Success

The WAY Center will partner with the student, family, school personnel or support staff to develop a plan to meet educational goals and achieve academic success. Provide homework completion support and tutoring/academic coaching. These program objectives will be accomplished by keeping the student’s voice at the center of their success, creating measurable goals and intentional communication and collaboration. Success celebrated and evaluated monthly, with encouraged support from the school personnel or support staff.

Children in Science Class

STEAMing to Success

Activities designed to promote educational excitement within science, technology, engineering, arts and math. The WAY Center will water the seeds of creativity and learning within each child, delivering fun and enriching activities that will promote academic achievement. Each STEAM activity will be designed to meet the educational interests expressed by the students. These activities will promote learning through discovery and play.


Get LIT Success

Activities focused on reading and writing through intentional lesson planning with exciting learning objectives. Get LIT will promote reading for comprehension and excitement, and writing with confidence and purpose.

Excited Children in Science Class

Culture Success

A study of various cultures and ethnicities. Activities to promote the learning of key contributors and important historic events, while instilling confidence through discovery and reflection. 

School Kids Meditating

Total Health Success

Activities designed to promote emotional, physical, cognitive and social healthy habits. Total Health Success will encourage healthy behaviors, good nutrition and the importance of daily movement.

Zones of Regulations

Kids in Preschool


Planting seeds of hope and watering a winning mindset: critical thinking, time management, communication, study habits and organization, leadership, career explorations and financial literacy. WaterPower will advocate for healthy youth achieving their fullest potential.


Kids in Art Class

Saturday Success

Saturday Success: An optional Saturday morning workshop from 9am-12pm, providing enriching activities, promoting family involvement and community engagement. Sample workshops: financial literacy, leadership development, career explorations, STEAM activities, read aloud events, healthy cooking, etc. 

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