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Happy Children

Our Community Needs Watering

Donations at all levels can help make an impact!

$25 - Can provide a healthy afterschool snack for an entire month!

$50 - Can help provide 2 hours of 1:1 tutoring

$100 - National weekly average for afterschool care or 1 week of summer camp

$200 - Monthly educational supplies to support academic and total health success

$600 - Supports 1 student throughout 6 week summer camp

About The WAY Center

Underserved communities across the Greater St. Louis Area are struggling to provide quality education and health options to their children. Chronic single parent, low income homes combined with an unmet demand for out-of-school care options combine to keep our children from receiving the attention and opportunities needed to help them achieve their full potential.


We believe access to quality afterschool care programs is one way to make a difference in this struggle. With proper tools our children will have the confidence and support to set goals and achieve them!  

With your support and partnership, we can give our community the watering it needs to grow and thrive! 

You can also donate via CashApp, Paypal or Venmo

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